The beautiful Alafia River enhanced by the flowering magnolias and dogwoods which grace its riverbanks and being an abundant source of food, drew Riverview's founding families to the area. The Alafia which was first called Alafeah, believed to be so named by its earlier Indian inhabitants as it often appeared to them as a "river of fire" at night, lends its beauty to one of the oldest settlements in Hillsborough County. Riverview is believed to have been founded in 1856 with Peru, the portion of land lying on the south side of the Alafia in 1885, with the name derived from the Peruvian Mining Company which drew rich minerals from the Alafia, the name of Peru prevailing until the early forties. It was to little more than a wilderness that Benjamin F. Moody came in 1842 with Simmons, Bravos, Saffolds, Barnes, Murphys, McGriffs, Hardings and a handful of other families calling this small corner of "God's Green Earth" home at that time. Continued on website

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