Our Vision Statement

Jesus had a strategy, he gathered his disciples, taught them, and sent them out to spread the Good News of the Gospel. The vision for Calvary Church is to help people navigate through the hurt of life to serving the kingdom of God.

Our Mission Statement

Calvary Church is a mission center for local and transient members, to make disciples and "go" make Jesus Christ known throughout the world (Acts 1:8).

Calvary Church Core Values

  • Theological Legitimacy – The lawfulness of ecclesiastical doctrine.

  • Doctrinal Integrity – Sound and accurate hermeneutical interpretation of Scripture.

  • Spiritual Accuracy – The Holy Spirit led spiritual truth from God’s Word.

  • Relationally Motivated – Like Christ, we are motivated to seek out relationship.

The Gospel of Christ transforms lives from the pain of sin (other’s sin against you and your sin against God) to the victory in the Cross.